Hoge Community

The relationship between Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church and the west side of Columbus has been going strong for over 100 years. In the section of our website entitled “The Two Buildings of Hoge“, we discussed how Hoge has changed locations and grown in membership over the decades, but let’s look now at how our neighborhood has changed and the effect that has had on the mission and importance of our church in the heart of the Hilltop.

A bit about one of the longest lasting missions of Hoge was the annual Fall Sale. "The Fall Sale has a long and varied history. A record has been located of a "Book Fair" held November 3 and 4 in 1961. We believe this was the beginning of a fund raising event for the Women in Hoge. Records show that Lois Pitt organized the 1961 Book Fair and the two morning circles were involved. Again in 1962 and 1963 a Book Fair was held. In November 1964 a Book Fair and Cookie Sale was noted. Mary and Naomi Circles sponsored a rummage Sale in 1965. Naomi Circle held Book Fairs in 1966 and 1967, and a Book Fair and White Elephant Sale in 1968. A Bazaar was held in 1970; and in 1971 along with the Bazaar, a garden shop, baked goods, books, a Christmas shop, fish pond and novelties were included. a luncheon and a turkey dinner was held. By the mid-1980's, the Fall Sale had grown beyond the scope of two circles and the whole association was involved. In 1985 the Executive Board of the Women's Association approved having the Fall Sale October 4 & 5 with the collection of items starting April. The poster advertising the sale was designed by Evan Morris o the computer. Catherine Zulauf was coordinator. The following chaired the departments: Publicity, Martha Goff; Clothing, Ruby Capps; Flea Market, Ruth Nash; Jewelry, Marguerite Freda, Bake Sale, Evelyn Decker; Books, Martha Pack. The Sale made $1888. From time to time chairs of departments changed but these departments continued with toys and games being included in the book department, and accessories included in jewelry. The hours of the sale changed to 9 a.m to 3 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. After the sale closed on Saturday the "leftovers" were packed in boxes and stacked awaiting pick-up by charitable organizations. The Fall Sale has been set aside recently due to fewer people helping with this exhaustive venture. With the possibility of new people joining our church family it is not out of the question that we could not revise this effort or continue it with new technology such as ebay and Graigs list.

Hoge's Food Pantry has been established nearly as long ago as the Fall sale and is still going strong in 2017. The first confirmed date is 1975, confirmed by Dorothy Pemberton and it had been in full swing before that date.

A more current mission is HM3 (Hoge-Music, Message, Meal).

An even newer addition to our missions is the Westside Urban Ministry.

Other activities bringing the light of life into this house of God: our partnership with Covenant Presbyterian Church, the help of Worthington Presbyterian Church with HM3, the Out of the Box Community Theatre, Mt. Carmel Outreach Bus, 4 AA and 2 NA Groups and a Girl Scout Troop. Neighborhood watch groups use the building and parking lot to serve the community. One is Stuff the Bus. We have hosted Easter Egg Hunts and Birthday Party for Jesus at Christmas time. We conducted Peace School sessions for many years as well as Vacation Bible Schools.

Many of these activities are mentioned in other areas of the web site. You are encouraged to check them as you wander through our pages.