Food Pantry

The exact date that Hoge acquired a food pantry is unknown. We know for sure it was prior to 1978. The original food pantry was run by the deacons of Hoge. They assembled all the boxes, including adding in perishables. Early on in this mission the food was delivered to the homes of our clients. Later folks were directed to pick up the food from church. In the early years the food pantry would serve less than a hundred families each month.

Approximately six years ago the pantry at Hoge, located in a single room in the south side of the church basement was moved to the opposite end. It was enlarged to four rooms with additional shelves and pallets added over time to bring it to the organized and efficient system it is now. It now serves up to two hundred families a month.

Running the food pantry takes a major effort and many faithful volunteers. There is the ordering, pick up, and delivery of the food to the church. This food is purchased from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, located in Grove City. The money to purchase the food comes from donations made by the Hoge congregation, as well as financial support from other churches. Additional food is donated by collections made by churches, boy scout troops and schools. Other necessary tasks are packing the food into boxes shelved prior to the pantry being open. Other areas for service are the administrative requirements set down by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

The Food Pantry is open only on the last 2 Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the month from 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm. You can check this sites calendar for dates that the pantry is open. There can be up to 50 clients served each day. We serve the following zip code areas: 43204, 43223, 43228.

Identification for everyone in the household is required for the initial sign up. After that only the listed person will need an ID. We renew this information once a year and need the required identification for everyone in the family at that time. All adults age 18 and older, must have a picture ID and proof of current address. If your address is not correct on your picture ID, you must provide a utility bill or business mail as proof of your current address. For children under 18 we need insurance cards or school enrollment information.

There are three people working in the front room when ID’s are checked and paperwork processed. The families are then sent into the pantry their food box as well as frozen meat, toiletry items and the opportunity to pick three additional items off the “choice” table. If fresh produce is available it will be given at this time too. Two people pull the boxes and meat in distribution, along with anything else we might give out special. There are three people doing choice item selection. We normally need at least 8 people a day working at the food pantry.


If you or your organization or church would like to assist this ministry please contact the Hoge church office at (614) 276 – 5433 or through our contact page at this site. With one of the largest food pantries on the Hilltop, Hoge is once again in a position to help feed the community both physically and spiritually.