The major project for the Finance & Facilities committee to keep up with maintenance on the church structure and interior. There is repair necessary to the roof from time to time. As in the ownership of a home the parking spaces need upkeep. Also, plumbing and electrical systems need attention. We take care of these as needed. Another area of maintenance is the updating of technical equipment such as computers and wifi systems.

A freezer was purchased with donation money specified for that purpose. A refrigerator replaced an aging system. On going updates are completed as necessary.

There are now six different AA/NA groups using the facilities; four AA groups and two NA group. The theater group, Out of the Box, also use the building along with the Girl Scouts and Leaders. Also using the facility to carry out our mission of feeding the community physically and spiritually are the HM3 program and our historic food pantry.

Now and then we have a break-in which requires our attention to damages done by the intruders.

Since the permanent secretary left us the physical requirements to keep the church working are several volunteers. These volunteers assist the sexton, the office support, and with music as needed. Our Sexton does an amazing job keeping the church looking and working to our benefit. Our finances are holding steady. While we still cannot afford to hire a full or part-time pastor we have a partner who helps keep the pulpit filled. We are committed to keeping the doors open to our members and the community.

Along with all activities it takes to run a business and it’s structure there is the paper work to be kept up to date and maintained in an orderly fashion.

God must surely be watching over Hoge as we continue to pay bills and serve our members and the community. Hoge is an important part of the Hilltop and we pray that it can be a cornerstone of the community for many years to come.